Hello, up for sale here, is the great - feature packed - Pioneer DDJ-SZ!



If you know your controllers, you'll know the DDJ Range - and what you're buying.

For those of you who don't, the DDJ-SZ is the 'Top Of The Line', 'Flagship Controller'..

Especially designed, to give full 'hands-on' hardware control of Serato DJ Software.

More about Serato & their 'DJ' Software, is here: Serato DJ

But wait! The SZ is a MIDI unit, so you can use it with whatever software you like..

Virtual DJ, Traktor, even Rekordbox!




The larger sized SZ has impressive connectivity, too!

More space, means more channels - so you don't have to share your 2 MIC Inputs

(like on the DDJ-SX2).



It's got everything you'd expect from a pro controller:


Including balanced XLR Main Outputs, and a Booth Output, for monitoring!

Full-Sized Jog Wheels - just like on the CDJs & XDJs!

Larger Performance Pads - so you have more space to get creative!

A Proper Crossfader - A Magvel Pro, non-contact crossfader (as found in the new S9 Scratch Mixer).

A stand-alone Pioneer 4-Channel Mixer - Use it without a laptop or software, and plug in additional Turntables & CDJs!



Find out about all the other functions & capabilities, at the links below!


My unit was bought Brand New, in May 2015 - and has a MFD (manufacturing date) of 2015, also.

To buy one of these: Brand New, now - your best UK price, would be from these guys:


If you've ever wanted to own one of these, but have been put-off by the price tag (or never been in the market for one) - Here's your chance to save yourself the best part of £500!

My unit is in great working order, and I invite you to bring your laptop to have a play!

There are minimal cosmetic marks on the aluminium platters, but i'm a careful, pro user - so it is always kept clean, and this doesn't affect the SZ's performance.



What's more?! It comes in a pretty stylish Magma Workstation Flightcase, to keep it that way!

Magma are here:








So there you have it!

I'm a long-time ebay user, with 100% feedback.

I'm based in London, and flexible for pickup.

I'm happy to answer any questions, and provide a demo - so you can be 100% confident in your purchase.


PRICE £1100.00



07812 197 349

or, if you'd prefer to buy through ebay..


Please note, that this unit is also being advertised elsewhere.


Happy Shopping!








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